Bective Padel Box League

Box League Explained

It is a mens, women, and mixed doubles league (depending on the number of entries), with participants grouped together in boxes of five or six players of a similar standard. Many members participate in the Box League and range from beginners to experienced players. Each player will play against all the players in their box, they have two months to complete the first round, and two extra months to complete the second round.


  • All matches will take the form of 16 short games plus a tie-break to 7, tiebreak winner gets 1 point extra for a total of 17 points played. In case of deuce, a golden point will be played with the receiver team choosing server side
  • Box matches are to be completed within the singles allocation time of 1.5 hours. Short warmups are advised. If you run out of time check the availability of courts to continue, organise another time that suits both of you, or split the score and add it to the Scala Sports App
  • All players must arrange their own matches at a time that suits everyone. Make notice that the Scala Sports App creates suggested days and times but is up to you to agree a day and time.
    All matches need to be booked in the Court Reserve App. The Scala Sports App and Court Reserve App are not linked.
  • The box league consists of two rounds, players should arrange their own matches, and all the matches from your first round starting on the 1st of July must be played by the 31st of August  2023,  while the second round starts on the 1st of September until the 31st of October 2023 after this date will not be taken into consideration.
  • The winner must input the result on the ScalaSports App immediately after the match.
  • The ScalaSports App has a chat feature to contact members. We recommend each box to create a WhatsApp group to arrange matches. We organise a general WhatsApp group with all the players so you can contact them directly via WhatsApp. If a player is not reachable please contact
  • Box standings will be determined by the points accumulated.
  • At the end of the round, players will be promoted/relegated based on their place in the group. The bottom one or two will be relegated and the top one or two will be promoted.
  • Players, who didn’t play or only played one match excluding walkovers, will automatically be removed from the next edition unless notified to (Players who played more than 2 matches in the current league will automatically be included in the next edition. There is no need to notify
  • In the case of injury/unavailability please contact Due to the promotion/relegation nature of the league, awarding a walkover is unfair to other members of the box. We will do everything to facilitate the play of a match & will only consider a walkover if the circumstances warrant it.
  • In case of a walkover, the average of the games played will be conceded to the other player.
  • Any questions should be addressed to

How to join? 

• Contact us at
• Download the free Scala Sports app (iOS or Android)
• Sign up to Bective TC

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