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Bective Championships

The Club Championship are the main competitions in our annual schedule of events. The Championships are open to all members and everyone is encouraged to participate.

There are seven separate competitions in the Championships:

  • Men’s Championships Singles
  • Ladies Championships Singles
  • Men’s Championships Doubles
  • Ladies Championships Doubles
  • Mixed Championships Doubles
  • Men’s Championships Singles Plate
  • Ladies Championships Singles Plate

The draws take place in late July with all matches culminating in Finals Day in mid September. Each draw is seeded with the the top players receiving a seed. The Men’s and Ladies Plate is contested by those players who are knocked out in the first round.

For rules and further information please click here



The Club Handicaps are open to all members and everyone is encouraged to participate. Handicaps are a really enjoyable competition enabling players of different abilities to play each other and still have a close game. This happens through a points advantage: the weaker player might start some games with points already on the board, and the better player might start some games at ‘minus points’. For example, each game could start at “Plus 30: Minus 30” rather than the usual “Love all” we’re all used to.

There are five separate competitions in the Handicaps: 

  • Men’s Handicap Singles
  • Ladies Handicap Singles
  • Men’s Handicap Doubles
  • Ladies Handicap Doubles
  • Mixed Handicap Doubles

The draws take place in late July with all matches culminating in Finals Day in mid September. 

For rules and further information please click here



The Dublin Lawn Tennis Council runs inter club tennis leagues in the greater Dublin area.

The Council has been in operation since 1902 when Men’s Summer League commenced with 12 Clubs. Ladies Summer League started in 1911. The Council is made up of active tennis members from over 70 Clubs in Dublin.

Jan-Mar: Winter League
The men’s matches are held on Sunday mornings and ladies on Sunday afternoons. Teams consist of three pairs of doubles.

May-Jun: Summer League
Matches take place on Mon/Tues/Wed evenings for ladies and at the weekends for men.
Teams consist of seven players – three singles and two doubles pairings.

Jul-Aug: Mixed League
Mixed league matches are played on Friday evenings. Each team consists of three mixed doubles pairings.

Sep-Oct: Senior League  (Over 35s, 45s, 55s)
Matches take place on Sundays. Teams consist of three doubles pairings.

Oct – Nov: Floodlight League 
Matches take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Teams consist of four players: two singles and one doubles. A draw on the evening decides who plays singles and who plays doubles.


Box Leagues are run over a defined period from 4-8 weeks. Players (singles or doubles pairings) are arranged in boxes of 4 or 5 players / pairings.

  • Each player / pairing plays all of the others in the box.
  • The number of games played varies for different box leagues.
  • Players arrange their own matches.

The Club normally runs several Box events each year. 

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