Summer Team Tennis 2023 – Format, Rules and Teams



1. Mixed Doubles Tennis (mostly!) – consists of 16 short games and a tie-break to 7 points (first to 7 points wins the tie-break)
2. Short games – the first point after deuce wins the game
3. At deuce, it is up to the receiving pair as to who will receive the serve.
4. Handicaps of +15 will apply where a team is 3 games ahead, +30 for 6 games, +40 for 9 games
5. Scoring is 1 point per game won, which goes towards your overall team score regardless of whether you win or lose your match!
6. All team’s points are totalled on a weekly basis
7. Prizes will be awarded to the winning and runner up teams!
8. If you are unavailable for a particular week, please inform your team captain in advance who will organise a sub for you.




A Denise Donovan Iarla Byrne
B Cristina Rodriguez Maurice Blake
C Eileen Barry Alfred Huntington



A Jean Lane Cormac O’Shea
B Fernanda Galvan John McCormack
C Lina Wang Jack Armstrong



A Eve McGinn Enrique Gomez
B Andy Keegan Mark Gatila
C Anne Reid Graham Swarbrigg



A Miriam Hennigan Karl Purcell
B Anja Kanzler Ross Lewis
C Aoife Somers Maebh O’Connor



A Jeanne Le Bailly Rohan Singh
B Osvaldo Huerta Xuefu Zhang
C Antonina Riazantseva Yana Saldua


Team Captains highlighted in yellow

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