Captains Prize 2022 – Results

A big thank you to you all for your support today, it was great to see everyone out enjoying the courts, the tennis and the fantastic weather.

Congratulations to Anna and Rohan for the rally of the day again Sonia and Anton; to Maebh for the padel shot of the day (though she didn’t realise it at the tiime!) and to Barbara for the fastest serve – somewhere over 40 mph, which was the fastest recorded 🙂

Thanks to DJ Karl for the tunes (he might yet get the gig for the At Home), to Barbara for the provisions, and to Mark and Sharon for the BBQ and keeping the drink flowing.

President’s Prize is coming up on 14th August, so no pressure, Cormac!!

Thanks again, one and all,


Club Captain

From left to right: Rohan, Anna, Aoife, Giuseppe, Iarla, Fernanda and Geraldine


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