Summer Singles Box League 2022 – Invitation

Join in the Bective Tennis Summer Singles Box League competition! The box league is open to everyone and players of all standards, and is the perfect way to play more singles matches that suit your schedule. If you want to be in contention to challenge Rybakina or Djokovic in next year’s Wimbledon, now is a good time to start! We’re trying a new app to […]

Captains Prize 2022 – Results

A big thank you to you all for your support today, it was great to see everyone out enjoying the courts, the tennis and the fantastic weather. Congratulations to Anna and Rohan for the rally of the day again Sonia and Anton; to Maebh for the padel shot of the day (though she didn’t realise […]

Summer Team Tennis 2022 Week 2 – Results

Check out the format and rules, click here! THURSDAY 7TH JULY 2022 COURT 1 Anna Ciechanowska Maurice Blake -v- Anas Gauhar Charlie Collins COURT 2 Aideen Caulfield Patrick Doran -v- Anne Reid Haoyang Shen COURT 3 Fernanda Galvan Lining Tong -v- Nicola Levin Graham Swarbrigg COURT 4 Jean Lane Enrique Gomez -v- Linda Conway Sean […]

Summer Team Tennis 2022 Week 1 – Results

Check out the format and rules, click here! THURSDAY 30TH JUNE 2022 COURT 1 Barbara Ann Hewson Cormac O’Shea -v- Jean Lane Enrique Gomez COURT 2 Linda Conway Sean Eustace -v- Miriam Hennigan Rohan Singh COURT 3 John McCormack Dave Brennan -v- Anna Ciechanowska Maurice Blake COURT 4 Anas Gauhar Charlie Collins -v- Mary Browne Viraj […]

Summer Team Tennis 2022 – Teams

TEAM ARTHUR ASHE A PAIRING Barbara Ann Hewson Cormac O’Shea B PAIRING John McCormack © Dave Brennan C PAIRING Fernanda Galvan Lining Tong   TEAM SUZANNE LENGLEN A PAIRING Jean Lane Enrique Gomez © B PAIRING Anna Ciechanowska Maurice Blake C PAIRING Aideen Caulfield Patrick Doran   TEAM ROD LAVER A PAIRING Linda Conway Sean […]

Summer Team Tennis 2022 – Format and Rules

Mixed Doubles Tennis (mostly!) – consists of 21 short games The first point after deuce wins the game At deuce, if the man is serving, he serves to the opposing man; if the lady is serving, then she serves to the opposing lady Handicaps of +15 will apply where a team is 3 games ahead, […]