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How it Works

It is a social event aimed toward broadening the members playing and social circle in the club. It is very common for players to arrange social games with their opposition after the event is over.  It is also a great vehicle for new members to get to know other members in the club. 

The club normally runs two Team Tennis events per calendar year Spring and Autumn.  It is an internal club competition normally consisting of 5/6 mixed doubles per team with each pairing graded i.e. best players at level 1 and so forth down through the levels. 

The Rules

1. Matches are the best of 21 games e.g. first to 11 games wins.
2. The first to advantage rule applies.
3. In all matches at deuce the receiving team decides which side to receive when a man serves but a lady must serve to a lady.
4. The lowest score in each team’s matches will be dropped each night in calculating the teams total score.
5. If subs are required then you should choose a player of the same standard from the list of subs posted on the noticeboard or a player of the same standard from the other section.
6. All Team Tennis matches are to be played at the allotted times and on courts 1-5. Court 6 is normally left available for coaching and members not playing in the competition.

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