League Players Dinner 2022

Last night the 17th of August 2022 we hosted the league dinner at the Bective Club house to recognise the effort and great performance of the players that have been representing the club as a token of appreciation.

The evening started at 7:30 pm, drinks were offered while slightly later the music started, only old classics setting the atmosphere to remember the old and not so old days playing league matches.

The chatter and friendly environment representative of our tennis club started when suddenly Mark O’Brian our Bar manager rang the bell to announce that dinner was ready. We enjoyed lasagna, with green salad, coleslaw among other vegetarian options.

After the dinner was finished and the tables were cleared, Iarla Byrne our Club Captain announced the League Players of the year…

For the Ladies, Eilis Jordan was awarded the league player of the year! Congratulations!

And for the men’s Karl Purcell and Sean Eustace were awarded the players of the year! Congratulations!

Special thanks to our Club Captain Iarla for organising such lovely event full of fun, laughs, good memories and great camaraderie.

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