Club Championships and Handicaps 2022

Entries are now open for our Club Championships and Handicaps competitions. You may enter below. Entry to the first two events will cost €10 per event, and any subsequent event entered will cost just €7.

Each competition has a Ladies and Men’s Singles event, a Ladies and Men’s doubles event and a Mixed Doubles event. Those who lose their first round match in the Championship Singles events will be automatically entered into the Plate event.

The Championship and Handicaps levels positioning is automatically allocated by the system although we try to ensure the first matches would be with someone of your level we can’t control how the system will allocate every single one. Make notice there are seeds in the championship events.

We prepared this post on our website to explain seeding in tennis

You may enter a maximum of six events in total – one singles, one doubles, and one mixed in each competition.

Entries close on Thursday 28th July 2022!

Click here to enter Club Championship!

Click here to enter Club Handicaps!

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