1. It is the responsibility of the player(s) named on the top line of a match to contact their opponents to organise a 9me to play.
2. Courts must be booked in advance through CourtReserve.
3. Players should be ready to commence play at 9me of booking. If matches overrun the scheduled 9me, the following booking must wait un9l match is completed.
4. Matches are the best of 3 sets: there is a 9e-break at 6 games each in every set.
5. The winner of two clear points after deuce wins the game (i.e. full games, advantage is to be played)
6. Matches must be played by the designated date where applicable. The Tournament Referee has the authority to scratch any matches that are not being played to schedule.
7. Finals Day is on Saturday, 9th September (some finals may be played on Friday night, 8th September) – if you are not available to play on Finals Day, you must scratch from your event before your semi-final match.
8. In all maSers, the decision of the Tournament Referee will be final.


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