Bective Tennis Singles Mixed Ladder – via Scala Sports App

Dear Bective Member,

We recently introduced a new tennis ladder system via the Scala Sports App that has been successfully running as a test for the last 2 months.

The below rules apply to the Bective Tennis Singles Mixed Ladder. This ladder will form the basis of selection for league teams; however committee discretion may be applied in the selection of such teams. This is to include performance in recent club and open tournaments, participation in pre-league practice, coaching sessions and round robins and past league standards where applicable. Such committee discretion will be co-ordinated by the respective Club Captain.

Section 1 – To join the ladder:

  • Download the free Scala Sports app (iOS or Android)
  • Search and Join Bective Tennis Club
  • Go to Competitions
  • Search and join the competition: Bective TC – Ladder
  • Click ‘Join Waiting List’
  • Contact Enrique Gomez via email to or Whatsapp to manually add you
Section 2 – How it works?

A modern club ladder to stimulate ​internal club matches!

  • Players are organized (ranked) like ladder rungs; their initial positions are based on their level of play
  • Players move up if they beat a higher-ranked opponent 
  • Every 2 weeks, the system proactively matches players based on their ladder position
  • Players arrange their own matches at a mutually convenient time (via the chat or email)
  • Players submit their results through the app
  • Players can opt in or out, giving them the flexibility to compete when their schedule permits
  • Players can choose between 0, 1 or 2 matches to be played every 2 weeks.

Section 3 – Singles Ladder Rules

  • The match format is 2 short sets (first point after deuce), the third set is a 10-point tiebreaker
  • You switch positions if you win against someone that is ranked higher
  • A new round starts every 2 weeks, you automatically join the next round unless you withdraw
  • Courts are NOT reserved for the league matches, please reserve your own court

Contact Enrique Gomez via email to or Whatsapp if you have any questions.

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